The Importance of Trust in Fashion

by PAUSE Team on November 22, 2019

AINFINIT is the personal expression of Miriam mixed with sustainability at its core. After working in fast fashion for over 10 years, the designer embraced her learnings and quit the industry, only to be starting her own brand that goes beyond one sustainable solution, but works with an overall sustainable business plan.  

Miriam’s creative process is outstanding, as she takes a more unusual take on designing. Starting off by organic, biodegradable fabrics, she sources locally in Barcelona. She focuses on the materials and explores ways on how they can be turned into a garment. Usually, it is the other way around. The design comes first, fabrics follow. The designer is very picky with her production process, assuring small ateliers are certified, legal and paying a living wage. Most of all, Miriam values the sourcing of their materials, whereas she has declined many suppliers until she found the ones she can trust. Before the designer goes into production, samples and cutting is done by herself at her atelier at home to ensure minimal waste and re-use of the fabric scraps. 

It is not the first thing that comes to one’s mind thinking of fashion, but trust is a very important key element in the process of creating garments, especially for AINTFINIT. In many big companies, full transparency is not possible, as producers work with mills and suppliers which are not openly known or traceable. At AINTFINIT, Miriam wants to prove that it is possible to fully know where your garments come from and what goes into the process of creating.

"I’ve been working for fast fashion & sports brands for the last 10 years. While I learnt a lot of how corporations work, last year I decided to do something more personal, which I truly believed in. Where I can experiment with creative freedom and stay true to my values, without looking only at revenues. But instead on how to make a difference on the planet and our future. "

The Mediterranean timeless tailoring goes back to Miriam’s own heritage and passions. Her main inspiration comes from her family, memories, roots and especially art. When looking at AINFINIT’s Instagram, you will find soft visuals, referencing surrealism and showcasing artists such as Dalí, Francoise Gilor or Felix Valloton. Her first collection “The Lost Art Of Artisans” is a whole mood inspired by the muses and artists of Mediterranean art. With her visual translation of her philosophy, which talks about an “ode to our roots”, Miriam paints a beautiful canvas filled with all those beautiful garments, smells, visions and sounds of the Mediterranean sea. 

On another note, Miriam has not bought any new clothes since 2017, except for second hand. Sustainability is a very personal topic for the designer, which she will explore more through imitating natural processes. Her business adapts to the changing environmental and human needs. This way, AINTFINIT will ensure infinite balance and circularity. 

AINFINIT explores the creative freedom which focuses on values, instead of revenue.

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