Un-conventional piece of art you want to wear.

by Leticia Bordoni on September 06, 2019

After university, Laura set off to live and work in California. Her professional skills matured in the Visual Merchandising for the Fashion Industry The massive consumerism of the Americans, induced a new concept of Sustainable Enterprise and once returned to Italy she founded one, the Cooperativa il T-Riciclo aimed at educating mostly the young on the environmental issue.
From this experience, thanks to Laura's flair for fashion, in 2010 sparked Alter Equo, the up-cycling project transforming waste into desirable and stylish accessories in the realm of critical fashion.
We are artisan women with a vision of making business and sustainability meld. We are beachcombers and gleaners gathering plastic bottles from near and in Rome. We know our action is just a drop in the ocean yet we care for the environment and try to preserve it. We get inspired by the shapes and colors of the bottles to create PET plastic jewels, eco designs, and home accessories. We manage to find the "soul" in a disposed of a plastic bottle, the symbol of massive consumerism. And it is the soul that we release by working the plastics with our hands to create new artistic jewels and items. 
We believe ALTER EQUO can set the pace for a different economy, a new womanly business model. A creative project both environmentally sound and also decent in social terms. We are not passionate about profit, but we claim the right to make a living fulfilling our dreams, boosting our creativity, and putting the environment first. We have a passion for a downsized life and work style getting along with production capacities that are not harmful to people and the environment.
The environmental emergencies are day by day more apparent. Laura is convinced that the conscious consumer is out there, in search of a 'motivational' product. One that can fulfill the purpose, one that can make the ethical, environmental and economical difference. It is time for sustainable fashion to offer an answer to such an ever-growing demand for CHANGE in consuming habits.
We are surrounded by beauty and have the unique opportunity of experiencing it every day and infuse our creativity with it.
Regarding her relation with ever-changing fashion trends, laura has a clear vision: "My long-time experience in the fashion system suggests that the ever-changing fashion trends are no change at all.  The critical fashion industry and its several commitments are by no means a true, exciting challenge for the upcoming years."
The biggest challenge for Laura today is to meet the expectations of ever-demanding customers. One that is more and more informed, educated, tired - rather exhausted- by the excesses of the consumeristic system. What's new that may be really desirable?
Fast fashion is a Leviathan, devouring human and environmental resources. The industry is becoming aware that a new generation of consumers with different expectations is fast-growing and often resorts to 'greening'. By no means, sustainable fashion cannot (and doesn't want to) compete with the fast manufacturing system. It will definitely and always be confined to a virtuous niche.
The future holds for Alter Equo three challenges: research on the matter, education of the prospective consumer, they are also planning several events, as PAUSE LONDON! We see you there!

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