An ode to Europe: Brandt candles

by PAUSE Team on February 17, 2020
We had the pleasured to have a talk with Giselle, the creative person behind Brandt Candles. So happy they are at this moment at PAUSE HOUSE Brussels with us!
Giselle Habraken started Brandt kaarsen in March 2015 after learning the craft in one of the most inspiring candle studios of New York City. Brandt means “It burns” in Dutch and kaarsen translates to candles.

Brandt candles' mission is to create a sustainable and beautiful candle, for you to make your home cosy. They use 100% soy wax, bio cotton wicks and think about every little thing that comes with the candle. The packaging, labels, ink and shipping materials are all as sustainable as possible. 

“We love to see our candles in so many different kinds of homes. The simplicity of the design makes it suitable for many styles and people. Whether you live in a sleek design house or you have a romantic bohemian wedding, these candles fit with all! We are taking great inspiration and appreciation for nature.”, says Giselle.

Giselle believes that everyone should slow down and take a relaxed moment when you burn your candle! Brandt candles are timeless. 

"We hand make our scented candles from soy wax: a sustainable product and totally vegan! Also, soy wax candles burn 30% to 45% longer than paraffin candles and no black some is released burning our soy candles."

She wants to make clear that making a candle costs time (such as making a piece of clothing!). The craftsmanship is something to be valued and cherished, it is art. 

“I do think we need to appreciate the things that we have in general. And use or wear until it falls apart or can be fixed when broken.” 

There are three values that they consider essential: Sustainability, Craftsmanship, Accessible. 


Nowadays, they are busy creating a new collection which will be an ode to Europe. By using rapeseed wax (which we are trying to get from Dutch farmers) and scents from flowers, trees and herbs that grow in Europe.

This Nomad Collection is inspired by the long-distance cycle-tour travels around Europe by owner Giselle. Scents she picked up in Greece, Balkans, France, Italy and on will be combined into magnificent blends. These candles will be very easy to carry with you on travels as well!

We invite you to rediscover the care for craftsmanship and pureness of a handmade product at PAUSE HOUSE Brussels!


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