ANN GIOR. Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

by Leticia Bordoni on March 20, 2019

Born in Argentina, Ann Gior graduated as a Graphic Designer at Catholic University. Her career has been diverse, from art to styling and marketing direction, preparing her for her ultimate profession as a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist based in New York.


Ann participated in the international Gender/Equality movement as Business Mentor of the European Union and Latin America's program 'Women in Leadership', where she provided instruction about fundamentals of beauty. She then served as a government consultant, highlighting the importance of mentoring and providing access to successful women in Latin America.

While working as a television make-up artist for sportscasters at ESPN, she pioneered male corrective make-up by developing a skincare routine, giving men a youthful look.
As a theatrical Make-Up Artist, Ann has worked closely with producer David Saxe and choreographer Tiger Martina at Planet Hollywood on Vegas! The Show and Zombie Burlesque.

Combining technical skill with an attempt to grant a fresh air to the Classic style are other attributes of her work. She has also collaborated with photographers such as Michael Halsband, Andrés Kudacki and Lara Jade within the fields of fashion, advertising and portraiture. Her skin work can also be found in Vogue Italy and Harper's Bazaar. Ann is currently based in New York.


We love her professionalism and enthusiasm, Ann has a unique sense of beauty and artistic expression giving a holistic approach which illuminates everything she touches.
How did you learn about Pause/how did you meet the Leticia and Romina?
I was first introduced to Leticia in 2012. We met at a corporate event with several other entrepreneurs in Argentina.
I remembered her talking about organic fabrics and caring about sustainability. Long before it was something cool in Argentina. I felt so inspired and I invited her to participate as a mentor for a training program at the French Alliance. In that way, she could share her expertise and inspire women entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Why do you work with P A U S E?
We've always considered our work from a larger industry perspective. I knew it was good to focus on people and thinking very holistic about the work we're doing here.

I'm so honored to join PAUSE this time. I'm glad I had the chance to meet Romina and her passion for the fashion activism and story behind the popup. She showed me how important is to take action and to be responsible from the beginning to the end.

What do you like about PAUSE?
The extraordinary work they both are building through Pause, trying to light up the fashion industry but also giving people opportunities to express love to each other. There's so much work to do in the fashion industry. Thankfully, PAUSE and The Canvas Nyc are spaces educating brands on how to improve their practices with bespoke sustainability solutions.

For me, PAUSE gave me the chance to show my potential and the potential we all have to change the frequency of our planet. Every minute in every little micro-moment we have that chance.
When I moved to NYC I began working with influential women I spoke to them about empowerment and I realised how cosmetics play a key role. 

What role do art and aesthetics play in your work?
My career has been diverse from art to marketing and makeup, but I consider myself as a Visagist.
For me make up is the next power suit.
During the editorial work PAUSE, we chose a natural look as a symbol to promote love and unity. The formula was pretty simple. We both look at makeup as an impression. I used natural, organic, and eco-friendly products with Magical Passes. The method is based on circular movements of the fingers all over the face with key grooming products. The movements were developed by Shamans of the Americas.



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