Ann Gior: I Changed My Career at 30 To Become A Makeup Artist

by Leticia Bordoni on July 09, 2019

Guest Editor Ann Gior. Hair Make-Up Artisan

Ann Gior left her marketing manager job to pursue a full career in makeup artistry. After her first theatrical show for Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood – the epicentre of A-list entertainment in Las Vegas – she moved to New York. Now she’s working for the most influential NYFW runway shows, where she contributes her style to the lead stylists in the fashion industry. Her skin work has been featured in fashion magazines as diverse as Vogue Italy, Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, iMute Rumania, Paper and CR Fashion Book. Here she reveals to PAUSE about crystals, birth chart and changing her career at 30.


Coming from a small city in Argentina, where a ‘real job’ was being a doctor or lawyer, a career in beauty was far away. And rather like a dream. Despite the disapproval of my parents, all I really wanted to do is fashion. We didn’t have any fashion school in the city — there wasn’t really anything when I was growing up. I ended up on to study Graphic Arts at Catholic University. I moved to metro areas once I graduated. My career has been diverse, from design to marketing management. But it wasn’t until I left my corporate job to travel the world, that I could become a make-up artist.



Great skin begins by looking in the mirror to identify what you love about yourself and what makes you unique. Take a look at your face and feel what your skin needs. Angelina loves her skin to look radiant, so we choose a pink crystal quartz roller. Rose Quartz will bring you harmony, happiness, inner-peace, good energy, and good fortune. The only foundation of this ritual is cleansing and moisturising.


At first, I was passionate about my work as a marketing manager. I was heavily engaged in research and development, employee activities, budgets, and government proposals. I was away travelling on business, interacting with people, and meeting new places. But after five years in that role, my priorities shifted. I was feeling anxious about the stress of overtime work and the unhealthy lifestyle. Before too long, I reached out to my therapist and started looking for a healer. She was the one who introduced me to the universe of Shamanism and Healing Crystals. As a gift for my 28th birthday, she got me my first Astrological Birth chart reading. That's when I decided to do something about my angst and resistance to self-care: I started to draw. Most of my drawings were face charts. And then I realized, ‘why not make-up’? The next day I decided to enrol in a beauty school


The transition between careers at my 30, was crazy. I worked for years as a marketing manager while also training part-time at an esthetician school. But then I did something I was extremely scared to do; I quit my marketing career. And I have to say that was the toughest decision of my life - stepping out of my comfort zone without a plan B. But alone, by myself, I could draw the future that I wanted. I wrote it out on paper like a treasure map [Laughs]. And as a Libra - ruled by the brightest planet in the solar system - I turned my fantasy into a fact.


Every night, I make time to wash off the day before bed. Taking off your makeup will help your products working their magic as well. For sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, I’d try to avoid face wipes to remove impurities.


In 2015, I moved to New York to work in fashion. I knew it was the industry for me. I did extra training on hair as well, following my instructor’s advice at Mud Designory. That’s when I started assisting top agency artists. One of my first opportunities was at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, for Carrie Hammer. They needed someone in their social media team to help with all the press, guests, and VIP. I was so eager to work in a fashion that any position would have been a wonderful opportunity. I was fascinated when Carrie included powerful CEOS, executives, activists, and philanthropists on the runway instead of traditional models. It was a rewarding experience for me because she was first in kickstarting the “body positive” movement in fashion.
I have worked on runways such as Philipp Plain, Palm Angels, Rosa Cha, John John. I wanted to be involved in trends with a refreshing sense of reality. I’ll never forget working with Pierre Davis when she made her debut in New York, becoming the first transgender designer to present a collection at Fashion Week. Or designer Raúl Lopez with his visions that broke the machismo stereotype.


My friends are the best part. I would not be the person I am today without my friends and family. I'm so lucky to be from such a beautiful place like Argentina full of producers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, surfers, skaters, DJ’s, film directors, writers, sculptors, healers, sorcerers. They have inspired me, throughout my life to live without fear. They have motivated me to become an artist and having the courage to reinvent myself after losing everything.
I finished this look by creating a very clean looking brow. Angelina’s brows are flawless so we didn’t apply any colour on them. The powder is gently used to set the make-up once you finish to prep the skin.


That is the hardest question for me to answer. I guess while working as a television make-up artist. I was asked to apply male grooming on an ESPN series for ScrumTV, during Rugby Championship for the sportscasters. I ended up not only applying make-up but also developing a gym skincare routine for men.
My next big break came when I did my first theatrical show for Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The venue was (and still is) home to Britney Spears' residency show. I was assisting on set for Vegas! The Show, while I met the choreographer Tiger Martina in a rehearsal. He has choreographed the cast of Friends, Sex & the City, Ellen DeGeneres and Cher, toured with Liza Minnelli, amongst others. One day, he asked me to bring my artistic kit to do body paint for Zombie Burlesque at the legendary Club Z. The one-day turned into two... and soon I was working regularly on the shows, painting sexy monsters on the faces of the most dynamic performers of the world. Wow!!!


To me, beauty began the moment I went to Egypt. After years of working in different areas, it was time to follow my dreams. I booked a flight to the birthplace of cosmetics. Once sailing the Nile on a felucca, I could portrait Cleopatra in my mind. She was surrounding herself with a cloud of aromatic incense, floating up to the river, to seduce Mark Antony. Once in the desert, I penetrated tombs and pyramids where ancient cultures built crystal healing temples. I began to understand why Egyptians based their civilization on the use of aromatherapy and crystalline frequency. They strongly believed that the healing effects of cosmetics were magical rather than medical.
Xx, See you guys next month! I’ll share all my Cleopatra secret tips for easy beautifying.


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