The denim jacket you want to wear

by PAUSE Team on August 26, 2019

We had a talk with Maxine Kranck, Founder and Creator of Ånyo Stories, which is a creative circular fashion brand creating one-of-a-kind embellished denim jackets. After spending 6 months writing her thesis on sustainable fashion, she grew increasingly frustrated about the madness of fast fashion and the negative impacts our consumption behaviours poses on both society and the environment. Maxine wanted to create a brand that would join the movement embracing the circular economy and sustainable practices, and help raise awareness about the issues that tarnishes the industry. The primary goal for them is to encourage circular business practices through promoting up-cycling, reusing and recycling. 

"Each piece is unique and the collections are a celebration of textures, patterns, colours and cultures while drawing inspiration from the ethnic mix we experience in our multi-cultural cities today." 

Maxine believes (and hopes) that the fast-changing trends soon will become a thing of the past. Rather than focusing on buying new, she believes in reusing something old to recreate a new piece or outfit.

The biggest challenge for her would be finding the right suppliers that share your vision and ethos without having to break the bank.
" I am completely against all forms of fast fashion. And yes, I would definitely agree with the second point. With an increasing demand for transparency and ethical business practices from both government and consumers, the fast fashion industry has been forced to start thinking about how to make changes throughout the supply chain to be more sustainable. However, there is still a long way to go. The demand for sustainable fashion is rapidly increasing."

Maxine explains that 100% of denim they use is second-hand. As each piece is vintage, all items are one-of-a-kind so they produce very small quantities for each collection. Furthermore, to maintain a closed-loop, they also have a take-back scheme where a deposit is paid for jackets that are returned after its use to be made into new pieces. 


"We are aspiring to be 100% waste-free, and have a new product line of scrunchies made with any offcuts from the production. We also want to continue working with inspiring charity organisations like Go Green Drive tree planting scheme in India that we were involved in funding earlier this year."
We are very excited  Ånyo Stories is part of the PAUSE universe. Are you going to share their story together with us? We see in LONDON! 

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