ĀPA-Intemporal a modern coat that merges luxury with technology,

by PAUSE Team on September 01, 2019

ĀPA-Intemporal is a Belgian fashion brand that was born out of necessity. Their background is in Haute Couture and they couldn’t find fashionable clothes that are good looking and functional at the same time while being protected from the elements.
Our brand’s mission is to combine the striking design, subtle attitudes and impeccable details of high fashion with innovative performance technologies and fabrics. Our first product is a timeless raincoat that adapts and protects you from the changing weather. 
Sustainability is a synonym with quality and it is a vital part of how they set to achieve their vision. All of the  ĀPA-Intemporal products are 100% made in Europe with top quality materials and artisan manufacturing. They are made with Bluesign Oeko-tex approved manufacturing and are free from harmful chemicals.  Sustainability is also about the people and they are very proud to be working with local, family-owned factories in Europe, that provide high work environments & conditions and are renowned for their expertise and know-how.

It’s a win-win for the consumers who get high-quality products and for us to be able to create innovative clothes in such a system.

When asking about he motivation, they explained us they wanted to push certain aspects of high fashion-forward and to do all the things they couldn't find while they were working for the big fashion houses in Europe and the US: upgrading luxury by implementing technological innovations, using local factories with the best European craftsmen, and especially finding new ways to communicate with our consumers. 
We have met with hundreds of clients and future potential buyers to understand their needs and passions, now we are developing the new products to answer their exigency. They are our main source of inspiration!
In ĀPA-Intemporal, you will find timeless designs and ways to modernize them and make them relevant for the cosmopolitan lifestyle.
We aren't called "Intemporal" for nothing ;-)It also takes time to perfect a design, especially when you also take into account performance. Compared to Fast Fashion brands, it took us a lot of time to create our product and more prototyping. However, the result is a truly innovative product that works outside of fashion trends and temporary seasons.
The biggest challenge in the Fashion industry for them is consistency. For brands that want to work with local artisans, the temptation of cheaper labour abroad can be existing. For the ones that want to be fully transparent, glorifying the results with over-photoshopped models and garments can go to an extent that isn't true to reality. The solution they have found is to always reassess their processes, always keeping in mind what pushed them to create ĀPA: a wish to modernize fashion in an ethical way.
Fast Fashion is its own enemy. The concept of answering urgent needs in a quick manner sounds ideal, but the reality is way more complicated: it sacrifices basic ecological and ethical rules, working conditions and salaries are terrible in order to fit into its low pricing strategy, and many of the Mega Brands often miss out what customers really want. 
Buying habits are changing, more and more people now ask the right questions about the origin of their purchases and we believe that if sustainable brands could share their manufacturing journey online in a transparent way, people will get more interested in sustainable Fashion.
It is about time we slow the pace for the future of the industry!
What make us unique? We take sustainability as an opportunity to use new technologies. We are the first rainwear company in Europe that brought cutting edge technologies into high fashion. Our water-repellency doesn't require a chemical spray that would fade over time and would hurt the environment: the surface of our fabric itself is waterproof at a nano-level. It also repels water better than practically all other fabrics in the market. 
We believe in using sustainability to affect the quality of the final product. As a core value, we place critical emphasis on green technologies and responsible manufacturing. We ensure moral and environmentally sound business through our responsible use of resources, clean processes, good working conditions and safe products for consumers, all local within Europe! 
Because the working conditions are good, the final product also is better. You can see it in the attention to details, the craftsmanship, and the durability.

Regarding future plans, ĀPA-Intemporal sees three directions that are currently working on simultaneously:
- New products. Their reinvented raincoats have been a great hit since they launched the collection in February.  They are now working on re-inventing summer raincoats, winter coats and pants. Gradually, they are looking to offer a wide selection of products that will always adapt to climate change or use performance technologies in some innovative ways.
- New markets. They want to open Pop-Ups in different cities to nurture a close relationship with customers.
"Involving real people into our development allows us to understand actual needs. We recently won first prize as the "most innovative Belgium brand of 2019" and we will be expanding into the Asian market early next year."
- Circular Fashion. They have already turned fabric leftovers from previous productions into waterproof travel pouches. Recycling programs and continued upcycling projects are what the future has in store for them in the Fashion industry!
With love from Brussels! Léa Stein, founder of ĀPA-Intemporal

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