Simple, modern, true: DISTYLED, expressing the perpetual spirit of the origin.

by Leticia Bordoni on January 18, 2019
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DISTYLED was born out of curiosity for the alternative, sustainable fashion, and this journey of exploration continues until now, every day. Their mission is not to transform the World, but to express what has always been there, the perpetual spirit of the origin.

“We believe our work inevitably leaves a footprint for tomorrow, so we seek to educate our customers by offering them responsibly produced bags. Currently, our main goal is to introduce our audience with bags made of Piñatex™ – alternative leather fabric recycled from pineapple leaves: it‘s ecological, luxurious, innovative, robust and easily formed at the same time. We think it‘s worth everyone‘s attention – it‘s true to our origin, to nature, to people.” Giedre and Cristina, Founders of DISTYLED



Which are your main sources of inspiration?

The main fuel of our motivation is the meaning behind our work. In today’s busy environment and the growing tendency of consumerism, we seek to diminish the pace of fast fashion and welcome our customers to the World of slow and responsibly produced items, which can accompany them for long, quality time.

By creating our designs we highly focus on the individuality of each person, trying to respond to his/her attitude and things he or she loves.


The biggest challenge is to remain original, authentic and unique in the World full of everything. To stand out without betraying your beliefs while being sensitive and responsive to the needs and wants of the customer.”


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What is your personal view of fast fashion? Do you feel that the industry as a whole is falling a bit behind if comparing to sustainable fashion?

Fast fashion is definitely falling behind as they have to introduce their customers to some sort of social responsibility and sustainability strategies just for the fact it’s a big trend now. However, it seems to fail due to the lack of transparency.

Consumers take sustainable actions into account very seriously nowadays, so they are aware of how retailers and brands operate regarding their water consumption, waste disposal, acceptable labour practices, health and safety standards, treatment of workers, etc. If a brand’s name is related to any of these topics in a negative way, it will be affected.


Virtually all major clothing companies have a work in progress in the field of sustainability. What makes your brand stand out?

We are a very young brand, run by a small team, highly involved in every step of the design and production process. DISTYLED bags are produced only locally and in small quantities, which means we are involved in every decision making from choosing the source of the most ethical materials to considering our waste disposal strategy, logistics, staff, customer service, marketing, et cetera.

Therefore, our studio is right above the sewing house, so we are truly close to all the production team. We hire people from the local community and seek to ensure their welfare and respectable salaries.

Honestly, it is not easy to run niche business among the big players in the market, yet, raising people awareness and supporting our local economy at least a little bit. make us already happy.


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“Oppositely than fashion, we think style lives within a person. At DISTYLED we are style and story oriented, rather than catching up with the rolling fashion trends.”

What does the future hold for your brand? Any plans you could share with us? 

We plan to introduce even more extraordinary leather alternatives than Piñatex™ to our future collections. We see plant-based materials as the peak of sustainability and we are definitely going to climb it.



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