Are you ready to change the status quo?

by Romina Pirani on August 08, 2019
It’s becoming increasingly important that brands think about inclusivity within the context of sustainable design, and the Dorina Kappatos collection speaks to this intersection perfectly.  With her experience in fast-fashion and designer Ingeborg Steenhorst, Dorina wanted to switch up the scene with barrier-breaking designs that are ethically sourced and produced. We asked her a few questions to learn more about her story.


Dorina Kappatos - PAUSE Fashion Hub


As we become equipped with more knowledge regarding gender fluidity, it’s only natural that this is reflected in the fashion industry. Recognizing the constraints of gender roles in fashion, Dorina’s main source of inspiration lies in combating this narrative: 

“My main motivation for what I do is to create well-designed clothes of good quality. I want to break the barrier of what is considered menswear and womenswear. I am tired of seeing the distinction of design that is just for men or women. Colors, fabrics, prints and styles are just that, nothing classifies them under a specific gender.” 

Dorina’s mantra for her collection is simple: Design over everything. In fact, when asked to describe her collection in three words, Dorina reveals that the ethos of her brand is more complex than what three simple words can offer. 

“But in truth, it's: Gender neutral design for gendered bodies which is 6 words. The way I work is that I start with a sketch of a piece of clothing that I would love to work on, I would love to wear, and I would love to see my boyfriend wear. When I design the first sketch there is no gender to the figure that I make. After it’s done, I start being technical in order to create a curvy and a straight cut version, so that it fits different body types and different fit preferences.”


It’s just as important to Dorina that her collection is timeless and consistent, and her experience with fast fashion reveals a particularly unique perspective on the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry, where sustainable designers are constantly pressured to sacrifice the quality of their work for the sake of rapid growth. 

“Trends are creations of marketing (mainly), while their rapid succession is a result of big brands’ want for continuous growth. I have been advised to look at the trend forecasts in order to adjust my work, but I cannot for the life of me produce a piece of clothing that I can’t completely stand behind.  Most customers are used to paying very low prices for what they wear since they are going to change “style” in a couple of months, and for that reason feel that they don't need to take care of their clothes. The model for selling a T-shirt for 5 euros is unsustainable and frankly unrealistic for businesses who want to offer clothes of good quality.” 


The constantly changing fashions trends seem to be one of the biggest issues for slow-fashion advocates, and while fast-fashion is here to stay, Dorina is passionate about providing sustainable options for like-minded people: 

“All the people working with me are gifted individuals who are passionate about their craft and are getting paid a real salary. You see I want to make a good space for people to work and create alongside me and my team." 


Dorina Kappatos’s collection advocates for inclusivity and sustainability, bringing to you the very values that should be a priority for all of us. Dorina creates pieces that emphasize the human body that’s detached from societal expectations, making the wearer feel comfortable, unique, and powerful. 

So, are you ready to change the status quo? Dorina and other groundbreaking designers will be attending the next edition of  PAUSE Conscious Pop up during London’s Fashion Week

We invite you to join us at the Freemasons’ Hall this September to join the fun! 



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