""I was in floods of tears, entirely heartbroken" Natalie Eurthlin's co-founder.

by PAUSE Team on February 08, 2020
Eurthlin, the vegan handbags created for conscious consumers who don't want to give up on the luxurious looks and quality they had grown to love if they wanted to live more ethically and sustainably. 

In 2017, Natalie, co-founder and creative director of Eurthlin, committed to a personal 30-day plant-based diet challenge, to see if she could improve her health.  Then she watched the documentary Earthlings, and everything changed. It was no longer about herself. 

"I was in floods of tears, entirely heartbroken and angry at myself for being oblivious to the suffering I was causing other sentient beings and our planet with my diet, fashion and lifestyle choices."  

Nathalie immediately went vegan and cleared her closet of all her leather pieces and went in search of a new brand that aligned with her new ethos but still had a similar aesthetic to the brands she previously wore and cherished. It was at this point she immediately spotted a gap in the market. She spoke with other vegans who were holding on to their leather goods and realized there was little or no incentive for them to give up on these classic designer pieces if there was no similar vegan alternative. So she decided to create her own label: Eurthlin. That one compelling documentary inspired both her brand concept and its name.

"My primary source of inspiration is nature for colours, textures, and patterns. I live in the desert. I am surrounded daily by palm trees, sandstone, rocks, cacti, and so many beautiful shrubs, plants, trees, rocks, pebbles, and sand."

In the production of their handbags, Eurthlin uses vegan (faux) leathers instead of animal leathers as they are aesthetically similar and do not require the killing of animals or the use of land to raise them. Linings are made out of GOTS-certified organic cotton. Their dust bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET) and the mailer pouches are home compostable.

"We have the responsibility to produce ethically made sustainable products that cause the least amount of harm to our planet and those who live on it. Our choices of fabrics, processes, factories, and methods of waste management, recycling and upcycling should be our top priority in addition to ensuring workers have safe conditions without exploitation. Emphasis should be on the development of new fabrics and technologies to create circular systems. It is a process we are evolving with and trying to implement as much as we can as small, new designers." 

In addition to being a vegan and cruelty-free brand, Eurthlin partnered with an amfori BSCI-certified production facility to make their bags. Since 2003, amfori BSCI has enabled companies to trade with purpose by improving social performance in their supply chain. Another great decision is that they are planting one tree in the Amazon for every piece sold in collaboration with OneTreePlanted.org to assist with reforestation.
As for the future, Nathalie and her team at Eurthlin are working on expanding their range to include more classic styles of bags and smaller accessories. They are also exploring different materials and how we can use them to be even more sustainable.

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