Taking over responsibility with Imarit

by PAUSE Team on December 05, 2019

Imarit has its origin in the Latin American world, from where the brand is known for its outstanding feel of alpaca wool while making a serious change for the involved community. The founder Mayra Navarrete talked to us about taking over responsibility in the fashion industry.

Imarit goes to the origin of one of the most sustainable fibres and by doing so the commitment is to create as much value addition to the ecosystem of the alpaca as possible.”

Mayra Navarrete originally comes from a civil engineering background but kept her passion for photography, art and design throughout the years. After working with local artisans on handcrafted pottery and other local interior projects and travelling to different artisans communities, including Peruvian Alpaca Knitters, Imarit was born. 

“This brand is Imarit, which means origin in Lenca, the language of my ancestors”

Imarit is built on two main pillars, which on one side focuses on giving the consumer a product with value, based on the environment, while on the other side lift Alpaca weavers in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes out of poverty – particularly women - by providing decent work, driving business, competitiveness and inclusive economic growth.
What makes the soft cardigans and cosy dresses special is the fabric. Created through traditional ancient handwoven techniques by Aymara weavers, Imarit pieces are long-lasting and high-quality products that inspire customers to create their own look and keep on reinventing their style. The brand unites Danish design and Andean craftsmanship. Imarit keeps their styles fresh through seasons, trends and years. The brand creates timeless, chic pieces that are crafted sustainably and ethically in Peru. 

Imarit is a brand that projects back those simpler and ethical ways of living. As brands today need to fulfil more than just aesthetics and design, Imarit has a strong foundation to inspire others in the industry. Mayra Navarrete inspires the fashion industry to create beautiful classic, without leaving out the importance of  improving working conditions and business competitiveness through models of co-operative and co-ownership, stronger women’s voice and representation in social dialogue with local, regional and national levels and help fashion consumers to reduce their textile waste by buying high-quality alpaca handwoven garments. Imarit has proven that fashion can be effortless and beautiful and also ensure a positive outcome on a larger scale.

I work some guides and trends thinking of our customers and not only what they need or want but thinking on how to project a better image, one also that is versatile as life, or as all the interests these women are involved in”.

The founder verifies that it is the responsibility of the creators to pursue and develop new ways to make fashion a much more sustainable industry. As consumers demand transparency and sustainability more and more in today’s world, it comes clear that creators need to give in. Imarit sets an inspiring example when it comes to working ethics and manufacturing. 

“Unfortunately, fast fashion is used to fill a void that consumers have, but interesting enough, many times the void is created by the huge anxiety of personal and social unacceptance. Satisfaction in the forms of shopping is a way of distress, that would eventually generate a pattern, a behaviour that it is permanently fed by the marketing. We all love new things, gifts and stay actual, but we have to stop and find how important is to create our own style based more on the quality, ethical and good sourced items.”


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