Get a quick look behind the motivation of making children's clothing sustainable with Infantium Victoria

by PAUSE Team on January 16, 2020

Infantium Victoria was founded in 2014 by Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel, and specialises in the design of high-end organic and vegan fashion for kids.

The name of the brand comes from Latin. It means Victorian Kids. Back in the time, kids were not treated as minors, but as equals to adults. This name is a statement to respect kids through fashion, not ridicule them. This ethos accompanies the brand throughout all creative stages of their designing process. 

Both of us live an eco-friendly lifestyle, with almost lifelong vegan commitment. So our choice for our brand values was pretty obvious. On top of that, Dinie has more than 15 years of experience in sustainable fashion and high-end womenswear.” 
The brand started off a baby line, offering only BLACK clothes. Infantium Victoria’s motto was making black clothes green. With more seasons they started adding colours, so now their motto is making cool clothes green. 

The brand deeply cares for our children’s current wellbeing and are determined to help guarantee their future. This is why they only use organic materials and source, produce and distribute sustainably.

I see that people behind fast fashion are getting nervous. They are afraid of consumers. They are afraid that they will start asking questions. Sustainable fashion is not afraid of those questions. In fact, we are willing to answer them. So in this sense yes, fast fashion is behind.”
What makes Infantium Victoria special is that it is mostly a children’s brand. Over the years as their own kids grew, their size range did as well. Now the brand caters to all ages from 6 months to 16 years, and recently young adults also got interested in their styles.
From our experience at PAUSE, the brand is not limited to kids, but can also be worn by adults. 

When it comes to trends, Infantium Victoria has a special relationship with creating new styles and pieces. As kids fashion seems to function in a very deferent way than adult fashion, it is they see that a fresh breeze moves from adults to kidswear after a few seasons. Mommy and me trend definitely makes things move faster. Nevertheless, the brand does not feel inspired by trends and likes to set trends themselves. 

Infantium Victoria does not only create beautiful garments with sustainability at its core but also has the right attitude towards the fashion industry: Sharing is Caring. They are not afraid to share their sources, because they believe this way, we can actually make a change in the fashion industry. Infantium Victoria is a kids brand that is pioneering in fashion and with their mindset will make truly a difference.

“We started off as a sustainable company. We are not afraid to share our suppliers, our factories. Because we know, if our partners will make more business in organic textiles and ethical manufacturing because our competitors will join, everyone wins. We are vegan and organic, which makes our sourcing a nightmare, but we love the challenge. In fact, our designs are fantastic because of this limitation.”


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