Lilabare on Creating a Liberating Wardrobe

by PAUSE Team on October 10, 2019

Growing up in Kenya, designer and founder of the sustainable clothing and jewellery brand Lilabare, Ria Ana Sejpa, experienced different sides to fashion and culture, which inspired her to create the fashion brand that stems from their mission of zero-waste and preserving handcraft.



LILA (n.) "a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play".

BARE (n.) "raw, natural, naked."

To Ria, growing up in Kenya meant immersing in craft, art and culturally-based artistic expression. Moreover, she started experimenting with fashion by upcycling when she was only 13 years old. Inspired by Ria’s cultural heritage and the utopic idea of a space that celebrates inclusivity, diversity & freedom, Lilabare creates versatile and comfortable pieces with intention. When we asked her about what goes into the production of her pieces, she told us about the sourcing process. 


 “Sourcing post-production industry excess, as well as textiles that are born of ancient spinning & dyeing techniques, we bring each piece to life in Kenya alongside small scale artisans in our atelier in Nairobi.”


“Through our designs, we seek to free social constructs surrounding gender, age, size and clothing itself. With fluidity in mind, each design we create is a blend between freedom of movement combined with softening the idea that gender is binary.”


When it comes to style, Lilabare has its own clear vision of how trends and style relate to the fashion industry. 


“It is truly unnecessary for people to conform to such trends in order to be ‘stylish’ or ‘in fashion’. On the contrary, I think the most stylish people in my life are those who define their own style for themselves and dress to celebrate their own perspective. The way we see it, your wardrobe should liberate you just as much as it celebrates the people and nature that it comes from and made by.”

Fast fashion is dying out. More and more people are becoming more conscious about what they buy, where their garments are being produced and where they are sourced. To be clear, sustainability is not a trend. Nevertheless, many people view it as such. As sustainable clothing and sustainable brands become more and more visible in our media and part of our culture, the industry is facing the challenge of greenwashing in fashion. Lilabare is a brand that is geared towards fairness & eco-friendly production. Lilabare reaches beyond environmental & social impact of workers in the industry.
“We embody sustainability as a holistic lifestyle choice that pertains to our innate sense of self, extending to the customers and wearers of our designs.” 

Lilabare just launched their e-commerce boutique on


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