Louise Wade Jewellery - jewellery made to last

by Guest Editor on August 19, 2019

So often does high street fashion adopt the “wear once” model, where products are made and sold at low prices and treated as disposable. This is where Louise Wade Jewellery comes in to disrupt that. Her collection is timeless with sustainability in mind, ensuring that the wearer has a piece of fine jewellery that is made to last. 

After spending many years designing for Vivienne Westwood, Louise Wade decided to launch her own timeless and sustainable collection. We asked her a few questions about the mission and story behind her brand: 

I had noticed that the industry, most notably high street fashion, was moving to a ‘wear once’ fast fashion model. I felt this was at odds with growing environmental awareness, the ticking environmental time bomb and our general need to look at more sustainable and less wasteful solutions.

At Louise Wade, our mission is to design and produce beautiful timeless designs from the finest materials while still having an environmental conscience. We use recycled precious metals whenever possible, we only use recycled ink and paper packaging and we run a paperless office. Above all though, our ethos is when you buy a piece of Louise Wade Jewellery it is a ‘lifetime purchase’“.



Inspired by the seasons, music, and celestial presence that surrounds our experience with the modern world, Louise Wade aims to combat the come-and-go nature of fashion trends by appealing to the deeply individual aspect of her customer’s personality. 

“Pieces are inspired by the world around us. Our pieces are designed to accentuate the individual and give power to the wearer. We want to make jewellery that our wearer feels naked without. We aim to produce timeless designs that reflect the unusual qualities and uniqueness of the wearer.”  


With these qualities in mind, the Louise Wade Collection is able to transcend fast-fashion trends: 

“Fashion in its very nature is a fluid and constantly changing art form. Trends come and go and are generally cyclical, but Jewellery differs slightly as it has more personal and subjective meaning to the wearer."


Fast-fashion is still one of the leading challenges for sustainable designers in the industry. Louise Wade’s collection tackles this by shifting the “wear once” model and unethical mass-production practices. 

 “I believe it is spiritually and environmentally more beneficial to spend a little more on fewer, high-quality fashion items which can be treasured than buying cheap mass-produced items which are quickly discarded. Fast fashion will no doubt always exist but I believe it should not be the dominant model in the industry. Beautifully designed, responsibly sourced, well-made items should be the benchmark norm. Sustainable fashion is progressively leading the way presently, with the industry lagging behind somewhat. It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ sustainable fashion becomes the primary consideration as opposed to the fast-fashion throw-away culture.“
Louise Wade’s Collection is durable, yet fine and delicate– making her jewellery perfect for the 21st-century woman. They wish to continue expanding their presence in the UK and globally, producing beautifully crafted contemporary jewellery using sustainable materials in an environmentally conscious way. 
So how can you get your hands on their designs? Don’t worry - we got you! Louise Wade Collection will be represented at our next Sustainable Pop Up during London Fashion Week mid-September. Join us at the Freemasons’ Hall to meet Louise and other likeminded sustainable designers and be part of the change.



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