Challenging Individuality with Mammii Studio

by PAUSE Team on November 04, 2019

It’s important for wearers to connect emotionally to the clothes that they wear, and Mammii Collection aims to speak to this by evoking the very memories that we hold closest to our hearts. Much like the individuality of our style, mammii’s collection evokes a true uniqueness with each hand-made design. We asked a few questions to learn more about the story behind Mammii’s collection.


“My name is Maja Miletic and my brand is Mammii. By starting my brand I wanted to create pieces that embody my wish to share love and passion with people who will wear it, see it, feel it. Every piece is made by hand and the ideas for the design come from all kinds of places in my mind. I have an everchanging mental mood board comprised of motifs from my childhood, nature, art, music and product design”.
Sometimes a piece of clothing just feels right, and Mammii’s collection speaks to that with her comforting designs that mix all of the things that colour our unique experiences.
“I have a never-ending urge to communicate and comfort, to balance out the nostalgia that we all have inside. I would say that nature and art are my sources of inspiration and music is always in the background.”


Fast-fashion and sustainability often butt-heads, but Maja doesn’t feel pressured to comply with the ever-changing trends, feeling that she is independent of that mindset. Yet, she does notice the challenges that fast-fashion presents for designers. 

 “I think fast fashion created a loop, like an enchanted circle that is difficult to break. The way out is through educating people about sustainable brands processes and why their prices may be higher and the product better than the ones produced by fast fashion brands.”


But when it comes to her own brand, Maja’s challenges exist within her own definition of individuality and what it means to have a clothing line that is purposeful, unique, and as diverse as she is.

“For me it is to meet the quality level I expect from myself, in every way. It is finding the perfect balance between feeling like an artist and working like a design professional. I hope the design of my brand is unique but diverse enough not to be put in a box. It is unpredictable as it changes with the way I change and grow as a person. There are no leftovers, no unsold pieces and everything is made with a purpose. At first all my designs start as a personal story and grow into a small series of models, depending on how big the customer feedback is.”


Mammii Collection is one that has a self-awareness that inspires wearers to reflect on their own sense of nostalgia. Right now Maja is growing her production and looking for people she can teach to come and work with her. 


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