Natalia Martinez Sagan: Designer, maker, stylist, art director and an amazing human being.

on March 18, 2019


It was last year in New York that we met Natalia while she was creating - alongside artist Debra Rapoport - an on-site installation at a sustainable fashion event. And it was there that we found out not only that she was a fellow Argentine!, but also a young veteran within the environmental sustainability movement.

With a story that goes 20 years back to her hometown of Llavallol, in Buenos Aires, she started her ‘green’ journey volunteering with local organizations at age 11, helping out after school to sort out recyclables and organizing second-hand toy drives.
At age 12, she was selected ‘Young Council Member’ by her Municipality and invited to speak at an official session to share the project she wrote about the lack of hazardous waste management in her community.
When she wasn’t embarked on an ‘eco-adventure’ or at school, she could be found upcycling her mom’s clothes, making crafts out of all kind of discarded materials, or dancing (oh yes, we almost forgot to mention that she is also a professionally trained musical theatre performer!). 



Natalia’s profound passion for the well-being of the planet combined with her love for all forms of artistic expression led her to become a multidisciplinary creative professional who for over a decade now has been working as a designer, maker, stylist, art director, and consultant specialized in creative reuse.
From making costumes out of second-hand clothes for theatre productions to styling flea market finds at photoshoots; from making props out of textile waste for window displays to production design for environmentally conscious events, her work is as eclectic and diverse as her personal style.
Natalia applies what she calls 'creative sustainability' based on the notion that creative thinking (and the application of it) is vital to redefine how we, as human beings, interact with our home planet and sustain our everyday life on it.
Whether it is through her role as an artist, educator or speaker, she promotes the inclusion of the creative sector and the arts in the sustainable agenda because, after all, creativity is a key component of culture, and culture frames our relationship to others and the world around us.


Her unique approach to the topic has given her the opportunity to train with personalities such as former US Vice President Al Gore and environmentalist Paul Hawken, and to collaborate with different organizations and initiatives, like Fashion Revolution and Climate Change Theatre Action.
Her latest collaboration has been with the New York City Department of Sanitation and donates NYC as an advisor and stylist for ReFashion Week 2019, a first-of-its-kind series of events celebrating second-hand clothes and sustainable fashion in The Big Apple.
Someone once said that creativity is the ultimate renewable resource, and Natalia’s lifelong commitment to her craft is proof that there are indeed endless and varied ways to approach sustainability.
“We are co-creators - she adds -, we are all interconnected, and the path to create and live a more aware life is ultimately through collaboration”.

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