The End of Fast-Fashion with Nôrd by Nôrd

by PAUSE Team on October 03, 2019

We all love sporting quality leather and fur apparel, but it really is a constant ethical battle to find out if the products we are wearing are sustainably and ethically sourced. Is your favourite fur coat sourced with ethical animal welfare in mind? Is that faux leather bag created with biodegradable materials? 

These are the questions that Jeanette and Lotte of Nôrd by Nôrd, set out to put to rest when creating their conscious slow fashion brand. They feel certain sectors of society are pushing consumers away from using materials like natural animal furs and leathers, even though these materials have been an integral part of fashion for years. They have a mindset that it is not the use of these materials that is the issue, but rather overconsumption. So, we asked them a few questions about their brand mission and story:


“As fashion students, we were turned off by the idea of the job offers after our studies - they all seemed careless and inconsiderate, not only to the earth, but to the future generations as well. 
We just didn't want to be a part of it, so naturally, we created our own brand based on our values and embracing slow fashion.
Our drive and motivation lies in the state of being mindful - mindful to the people around us, the journeys and adventures, we're so privileged to take part in, nature in itself, mindful conversations and more. It's not a thing in particular, but rather a state of mind. “


Nôrd by Nôrd wants to try and play a part in the end of “fast-fashion”, and push the idea of sustainable fashion towards the forefront of industry accepted practices. But this is quite the daunting task, as many of the big fashion players are seeming to “do their part” with lack luster attempts at sustainably sourced items. 
Sadly, we don't feel like the fast fashion industry is falling enough behind yet. Fast fashion brands try to make sustainable ideas fit their business models - we believe they are making an effort to change their behaviour, but have a hard time to be sustainable without adjusting their priorities and business models.
 We admire the ones who do, and believe that fast fashion will vanish over time. Even though "fast" and "fix" thinking has its grip in a lot of companies and consumers, we see a still greater change and rising awareness leading to considerate and conscious consumption, one step at a time. “

Furthermore, with many major players doing their part to contribute to the sustainable fashion sector, Nord by Nord has been able to carve out their spot as a unique, conscious contributor. 

“Everything we do, we do consciously. We ask WHY before, well, doing anything. From saying yes to new suppliers, to the way we do our social media, to the way we talk to customers etc. 
We stand out through our design process along with the consciousness vibrating in every inch of the brand. The inspiration to the designs come when feeling and understanding the waste materials, which is all they are, when we get them - from that, we create, which prevents a whole lot of waste from our production in itself. “
The Nôrd by Nôrd team is planning tons of great events for the near future, with hopes to open a studio soon. Nôrd by Nôrd wishes to invite all customers to witness how their process works, from manufacturing to witnessing finished products in-store.



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