by PAUSE Team on October 11, 2019

'Please have some fun' is an editorial production using pieces from the sustainable fashion ambassadors brands participating at

PH: @awafijolek. MUA & HAIR: @katiuscia_pezzullo. PRODUCTION:@pausefashionhub. Styling and Model: @mihamarkovic and @sustainably_by_emy T-Shirt: GFX Ambassador. Scarf: @annamariaangelika. Skirt: @maria_maurio Blazer: @akoma1260. Sweater @ipsilonparis. Necklace and Belt: @studio.markovic

Early April in Paris. I meet Emy, a beautiful slender Italian lady, a sustainable stylist like myself, and also the designer and the founder of IPSILON Paris. Both being part of the PAUSE Fashion Hub family, we were in Paris to promote our brands, to network, to exchange ideas and possibly to make some changes, however small or big they might be. Romina and Leticia, the founders of PAUSE, contacted us to style and model for the Global Fashion Exchange Campaign they were going to produce, using pieces from their sustainable fashion ambassadors brands participating at PAUSE Conscious Pop up #8 in Paris. We are all excited to share the results. 
With this campaign, PAUSE and GFX aim to show the vast possibilities one can have when wearing the same piece over and over again, exchanging it between friends and family thus making the life cycle of said garment happier and longer. Photographed by Awa Fijolek and Pia Mayerhofer, and made beautiful by the make up artist Katiuscia Pezzullo, we spent the fresh spring day wearing and swapping the clothes between ourselves, creating distinct styles, each in our own unique way. 
Ever since I can remember I loved the dress-up. It all started with dolls, then came the hairstyling (hairpins, clasps, ribbons...), matching my shoes with the dresses, becoming excited about the colours, trying to understand the proportions and shapes. 
I am now close to my 30s, running my own sustainable fashion brand Studio Markovic, and with a quite clear understanding of myself. Emotional durability, clothes as family heirlooms, garments as memories of past times, the forever pieces we create emotional bonds with through the process of wearing. These are the themes I’m trying to explore in the work I create as a designer, but also as a stylist. 
Each of us has a unique soul, of a unique shape and proportions with at least one amazing physical feature we possess. Each of us will inevitably wear the same piece in a completely different way, and incorporate it individually. And we will try things we would have never tried in a “normal” shop. 
“Like regular shopping, it’s never the garment you thought would suit - it’s the one you almost didn’t try that fits like a glove.” 
Clothing swaps are amazing for that exact reason. They open those children's eyes again when we were playing with dolls, when everything was new and exciting, the time when we were a “tabula rasa” and did not have any preconceptions about the world. Childhood is the time for children to be at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and friends. Our capacity to come back to that lighthearted period, to really let go, put on those pink glasses and say to yourself “Please have some fun”. 

Left:PH: @awafijolek. MUA & HAIR: @katiuscia_pezzullo. PRODUCTION:@pausefashionhub. Styling and Model: @mihamarkovic and @sustainably_by_emy. Dress: @auruhfy. Bag: @aliane.matei. Dress: @cass_made. Earrings:@darioscapittadesign
PH: @awafijolek. MUA & HAIR: @katiuscia_pezzullo. PRODUCTION:@pausefashionhub. Styling and Model: @mihamarkovic. Dress: @auruhfy. Earrings: @studio.markovic

PH: @awafijolek. MUA & HAIR: @katiuscia_pezzullo. PRODUCTION:@pausefashionhub. Styling and Model: @mihamarkovic. Scarf: @kindomshop. Earrings: @nimzu_ 

Left: PH: @awafijolek. MUA & HAIR: @katiuscia_pezzullo. PRODUCTION: @pausefashionhub. Styling and Model: @sustainably_by_emy. Shirt: @amalyameira. Scarf: @biencollections.
Right: PH: @awafijolek. MUA & HAIR: @katiuscia_pezzullo. PRODUCTION:@pausefashionhub. Styling and Model: @mihamarkovic and @sustainably_by_emy. Shirt: @amalyameira. Scarf: @biencollections. Blazer: @akoma1260. Earrings and Belt: @studio.markovic 


Written by Mihaela Markovic, sustainable stylist and owner of Studio Markovic, couture knitwear brand dedicated to creating pieces that last and become better over time, just like good wine. 


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