Tropas makes the world a better place while crafting your shoes.

by PAUSE Team on February 20, 2020

We all want to look good. But do we want the environment to pay for it?
And do we want workers to put their health at risk?
Tropas makes the world a better place while crafting your shoes.

We are more than happy to introduce you to Tropas. Walk-in style and save the world while you’re at it.

Tropas offers elegant designer shoes, produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable way, at a fair price.
They produce locally and reduce transport, create meaningful jobs at social enterprises, and re-use materials and make their shoes easy to recycle.

“Join our ‘Tropas’ (Spanish for troops), and make the world a better place. In style!”

Caro, the owner of Tropas Shoes, is on a mission: Taking care of the planet and the people by proving that social and ecological sustainability can complement elegance and design. Also, Kicking a conscience into the big producers.


“The fact that products never really disappear (even when thrown away), raised my interest in sustainable design. Products should be biodegradable or fully circular. If we want our planet to last, there's just no way around it.” Says Caro.

For Tropas, no worker should be abused or harmed to produce cheap products. On the contrary, we should include the weakest links of our society and pay them fairly.

Where some of the big companies trick people with greenwashing, Tropas provides a truly sustainable solution:

Locally produced and transport reduction.
Meaningful jobs for people by collaborating with social enterprises.
Reduction the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum and strive to use no chemicals at all in the future.
Re-used materials.
Shoes easy to disassemble, so they can be re-used and repaired.
These circular kick-ass shoes are designed to transcend the seasons and fashion trends. They are timeless, easy to combine with different styles and colors and all over the world.


We are really looking forward to seeing materialize the next steps for this amazing brand that includes expanding to men's and children's shoes, make collabs with other local sustainable brands, and exploring new materials and designs while staying true to circularity and social sustainability.

Come find all Tropas models at PAUSE HOUSE 02.20 Brussels until February the 26th at Rue des Eperonniers 18


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