Be you: an experience for all of your senses.

by PAUSE Team on September 08, 2019
The closing night of PAUSE 10 days pop-up will be the night dedicated to all your senses! Thanks to some of the best London-based artists, PAUSE has put together the perfect immersive experience to wrap it all up.
Join us for a creative mix of visual arts, music, and fashion, all happening under the same roof!
Enjoy live drawing, and painting from artists Tinuke Fagborun and Djofray Makumbu, and let yourself be swept up by the performance of the Iso Dance Company, from 6 pm to 8 pm.
6 pm: Artists Tinuke Fagborun and Djofray Makumbu Live drawing and customization of outfits for the dance performance 
6:30 pm: IsoDance company will take on the dance floor
7 pm - 8 pm: Draw, paint, dance: express your creativity
Tinuke Fagborun
Tinuke is a British Nigerian illustrator living in London.  She celebrates diverse storytelling, her art is a colorful and optimistic response to the dominant narrative surrounding women of color. She creates illustrations in which women are uncensored, empowered, otherworldly and the architects of their own rich stories.

Djofry Makumbu 

Amongst my peers, I am known as a workaholic as there is never a moment where I am not deeply submerged in art. I don’t consider art as just another subject, but a way of life that allows me to completely express myself which is a task I find difficult.

My art is influenced by my life experiences and the world I live in. I struggled at school and because of my dyslexia, I was told I would never succeed as an artist. My careers advisor told me to be realistic and that I’d be better painting walls for the council and that I’d never complete a University course. In spite of that, I went to BSix college, did Summer School at Goldsmiths and got a place on the BA. It was hard because of my learning difficulties but I loved it and feel that I became who I wanted to be. I ended up winning the Alumno SPACE studio award when I left. That’s when I actually started to really fully express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me and the emotions I had suppressed, in my work. I explored the difficulties for a young black man growing up in the inner city. For instance, when I was carrying my paintings home from my degree show I was stopped and searched by the police. They didn’t believe it was my work, that I’d stolen it. It made me feel like a criminal. The shame of dyslexia and the hiding that I have had to do to survive, the danger of gang violence, stabbing and drugs and the depression and misery this causes young people and their families. This is all subject matter for my work.
I believe that as an artist I shouldn't limit myself with the work I create. I work with different types of techniques such as using flash motion, video, 3D/2D, drawing, photography, painting, clay animations, and sculptures, I build sets and stitch garments for my characters. I find the process of making short films with different techniques together satisfying and interesting because I get to create what I envisioned in many different ways and styles. Goldsmiths taught me to be open and willing to try different ways of seeing and experimenting.
iSO Dance Is a London based dance company founded and lead by Chase Petrie.
We are a mixed team of trained dancers and we have been privileged for our work to lead us to work with some amazing music artist from the UK, America & Europe aswel as clients such as Nike, Adidas, Paco Rabanne, L’Oreal, O2 Arena, Jigsaw clothing, X Factor, MTV, Street Dancer 3D Movie and many more. 

Our dance styles have been said to be of a unique element and we pride ourselves in this. Although we have various styles which we adapt to accordingly, our main styles are Isolation, New Style/Lyrical Hip Hop, Urban choreography, Contemporary and Krump,
Our mission is to make memorable performances, inspire others and continue to collaborate & push the boundaries of the arts in creative ways.

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