Plastic Fusion Workshop

by PAUSE Team on September 05, 2019


Create fashion accessories using old plastic carrier bags  by Julia Trecu

Learn how to recycle old plastic carrier bags into a clutch bag, phone, pencil/ glasses case, bunting or colorful wall hangings with strong and waterproof material.
Plastic bags are cut and fused with a hot iron in layers - to make an A3 sized material, that can be cut and sewn like any other fabric.
We will guide you through effective tips, techniques and design ideas for your fabric.
You can then turn your finished material into the fashion accessories of your choice.
Materials included. Of course, you can always bring your plastic bags from home if you wish!


About the artist:
Julia Trecu is a fashion upcycler from Argentina, recently residing in France. Since 2012, she’s been teaching Fashion Upcycling Design in community workshops and is creative director for @varsoviaupcycle, a project that focuses on creating one-of-a-kind fashion collections through the exploration of the generous possibilities of textile upcycling and zero waste design approaches. This philosophy of design has led her to engage in diverse collaborations, textile installations and performances, costume design and collective creation of fashion collections.
Learn more about her work here: JULIA TRECU

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