by Romina Pirani on March 06, 2019
"FASHIONING THE FUTURE: FASHION & SUSTAINABILITY PANEL", an initiative from P A U S E Conscious Pop Up which for the first time will happen in Paris. 
P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP UP #8 BY FASHIONING THE FUTURE  is presenting a special online SWAP event powered by LABLACO.
Lablaco is a global platform committed to making fashion circular. The aim is to create a global community of consumers, brands, influencers and creatives who understand that when it comes to fashion, every decision matters from production to purchase up until disposal.
During the Panel Discussion, we will discuss the importance of transparency for any company on a path towards greater sustainability, what's the role of technology and human diversity and individuality in sustainable fashion, how together we can change the concept of fashion and, last but not least, the enormous opportunities we all could have aiming to create a more equal world through exchanging.
Our stellar line up of panelists includes:
CLAIRE POWERS, Founder of KINdom - Los Angeles
KINdom is a fashion brand that strives for a balance between humankind and the environment, offering products made of sustainable, natural, reclaimed, and indigenous materials all in an effort to reduce waste. KINdom is committed to conducting business in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner.
HANNAH LANE, Strategic Partnerships & Communications Director at Redress
Hannah is Communications and Sponsorship Director at Redress, the NGO working to cut waste out of the fashion industry, where she develops strategy and implementation across multiple programmes and corrals support and sponsorship for Redress' cause. She also is the co-author of Dress [with] Sense, Redress' new consumer guide and works alongside the education team to drive forward our work to bring knowledge and skills around sustainability to the future generation of the fashion industry. Hannah has over 10 years experience working in the sustainability field, four of which were in China where she headed up sustainability consultancy OgilvyEarth China and sat on the advisory board and organising committee for the Eco-Design Fair Shanghai. She has also worked on a number of sustainable research projects including Green, Let them Eat Cake (WWF 2005) Deeper Luxury (WWF 2007) and Get Going with Green (Ogilvy Earth 2011).
CARINA HOPPER, Sustainability Lecturer
Carina is a Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Lecturer currently teaching in several university programs in Paris. She is also active in the start-up community and has advised and collaborated with sustainability, tech, and social start-ups in Paris, Barcelona and the United States. She holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School.
RAMATA DIALLO, Founder of Fashion Consulting Paris.
Ramata is a fashion business teacher based in Paris and working with several schools such as Esmod and Kedge Business School. She is specialized in digital marketing and product development. Founder of Fashion Consulting Paris is dedicated to helping designers and entrepreneurs to build and develop their brand. The company is focused on Fashion Tech, DNVB, and sustainability. She worked for French fashion brands as a category manager for years travelling from Miami to Guangzhou to build new collections every season. 


After the Panel, you can join the PAUSE FASHION HUB x Lablaco SWAP!
The PAUSE FASHION HUB x Lablaco SWAP is a worldwide online swap event hosted on the Lablaco platform with the aim of:
  • Raising the awareness of fashion waste.
  • Calling for action to swap the clothes instead of buying new ones.
  • Enabling participants to swap not only locally, but also globally with international free giveaways.
  • Providing a seamless platform for participants to swap clothes not only during the event but also after, hence building everlasting fashion conscious habits.
How can you join the PAUSE FASHION HUB x Lablaco SWAP?
Choose a giveaway: an item from your closet that you do not wear anymore.
- Create an account on Lablaco web or app
- From the menu go to GIVE
- Upload your giveaway on and add the hashtag #sustainablefashion
- Complete your swap by choosing an item to take in return.
- Add shipping details and DHL Go Green will manage the pick-up and delivery. 
- Spread the word and share your giveaway on social media.
Tag us @pausefashionhub  @lablaco and hashtag #sustainablefashion


Drinks will be served.
P A U S E Global conscious pop-ups consist of a seven-day dynamic pop-up store where sustainable fashion, art, live performances, and music meet in one place. After 7 successful editions in New York and Amsterdam, P A U S E Conscious Pop Up is coming to Paris for the first time with "P A U S E à la Mode".