by Leticia Bordoni on March 29, 2019

Sustainable fashion across borders - the rise of a global movement - an initiative by VEPSI.

VEPSI is a sustainable influencer agency and an international marketplace for sustainable brands.
For the past four years, VEPSI has successfully organized international pop-ups and is now proud to act as a change agent in the sustainable fashion industry through its influencer program #VEPSIambassador, which involves the entire network of VEPSI influencers set up to convey, educate and act for better consumption habits and for the well-being of the planet.
"Sustainable fashion is not just a trend. It’s common ground for policymakers, industries, brands, and fashionistas. With social media changing the game of collaboration and communication, it is time to explore its full potential - and those of influence actors who have the power to simultaneously inspire, seduce, inform and make a concrete impact." Eilean von Lautz Cauzanet, Founder of VEPSI



Sustainable fashion across borders - the rise of a global movement - a chat around the roles of multiple - and often contrasting - actors and the importance to collaborate in order to achieve a common goal: make sustainable fashion a global standard.
Speakers to be announced - (Conversation in French) - 40mins
Mix & Match - interactive exchange between designers/brands and audience/influencers. Influencers can interview brands and create outfits with pieces from different brands.
Social corner - corner by VEPSI. Record a small message and have your photo taken.