Designers Information

Should the designers bring clothes rail? Is furniture available?
The designers don't need to bring the racks and hangers or furniture as we provide all the visual merchandising to show the pieces. If It happens your brand need some special display to show the pieces, you can tell us, send us some pictures and we can decide together about it.

Regarding the displays of the jewelry, do you have your own or do you need that I provide them? We suggest, when is possible, to send us the display over as we think your merchandise is going to been shown better as, for sure, you have thought a lot about how to display your jewellery pieces. If it’s not possible we can figure out the best way to show your brand.

Are there other extra costs besides the Participation Fee?
The extra costs besides the participation fee, are the shipping costs to send the collection for the event and the return of the unsold items. Also there is a 2,65% taken for the use of the POS service to charge with credit or debit cards at the event.
How do you organize the training of the sales team? Would we have some 'virtual' time with them to explain the story of our brand and garments?
We make a presentation to train our sales team with all the information we are finding in the designers/brands platforms and the one that each of them is sending us. You can send us a phone video with tips and simulations of how you would sell the pieces.
Can I be in the pop up to present and sell my collection?
The designers are more than welcome to come to P A U S E Conscious Pop Ups, bring the collection and enjoy the events, talks, networking. However, the designers are not able to help with the set-up.

Payment Information

How is the procedure when you sell a product? Am I notified? How do you send me the payment ? Do you take a commission?
During the Pop-Up we sell through a POS system and once the event finishes, we sent the designers a sales report. We charge a commission that is charged to us by the POS service which is 2,65% and the 20% that is going directly to our sales team. So each designer is getting the amount of sales less these deductions.
When are you transfering the sales amount?
Normally, one week after the pop up we will send you a sales report of your brand and make the transfer.


Can I ship the collection to the P A U S E Pop Up locations?
Yes. We will provide you with the address for storage in the city where you applied to be part, if you do not plan to go to the event. We will pick it up from the storage, deliver to the Pop Up, and take care of the set-up.

Please note that designers have to take care and cover all the shipping fees and customs clearance to and from the city where the pop up will be. Please schedule the delivery of the collection to the storage not earlier than 3 business days prior P A U S E Conscious Pop Up.

How many pieces in total should I bring to P A U S E?
Every brand collection to show at P A U S E Conscious Pop Ups will have a maximum of 20 items that we will help to curate for our event plus 10 pieces of stock for best sellers in different sizes and colors.
In case of damage or theft of any piece, do you have an insurance to cover that eventuality?
Normally the venues we are working with have insurance for fires or catastrophes, but not for small damages, we suggest you get an insurance for that. For more information about this question, please check our General Terms.
How does the pick up of the unsold items work?
The arrival and pick up of the merchandise on time is a responsibility of the participant brand, as well as any cost incurred such as customs duties, courier extra fees.
Can you tell us which kind of brands will be part of the PAUSE Conscious Pop-Up?
On every edition of P A U S E Conscious Pop-Up, we are looking for outstanding designs with a matching, still unique and high-end style.

We always make sure that the brands are displayed in a coherent way. Our aim is to present your products attractively to ensure that the total display arouses interest. .