PAUSE FASHION HUB SYMPOSIUM BARCELONA. Inside the industry: "How to internationalise your fashion brand".

We invite you to a day of exploring by the hand of the most expert speakers in the Spanish and international field, we will give you a deeper understanding, tools, and steps on how to grow your fashion brand globally.




As we know how competitive the Spanish market is, we will provide a comprehensive view on the internationalisation and management of fashion brands, offering academic, practical and administrative insights on how fashion brands in diverse sizes can buIld and sustain their businesses in competitive global marketplaces.
- How to build a sustainable fashion brand
- The global textile and clothing industry. Study and cases of the actual scenario.
- How to successfully move into new territories with the demand for retailers gaining significant traction overseas.
- Increase in International Out shopping (shopping outside their local market) Both Online and Offline
- Communication, advertising and marketing looking to enter certain markets.

We invite you to a day of exploring by the hand of the most expert speakers in the Spanish and international field, we will give you a clear awareness, tools, and steps on how to grow your fashion brand globally. 

TIME: 9.30 - 18.00 HRS.


PAUSE Fashion Hub Symposium Barcelona will showcase powerful experts in the fashion field. 

Speakers include:

Olga Fuenmayor
Editor of Seampedia, production management, technical development and production control.

Olga has the talent to help others grow professionally. Editor in SEAMPEDIA.COM, contributing and bringing knowledge the fashion industry.
Olga is a production consultant. She helps companies organise and manages their production equipment. To identify the skills of each member to be better professionals and to implement strategies with which to face the challenges that the fashion industry has to overcome in these coming years.

When Olga started working 2 collections were made a year. In the same company, they did the entire production process. It allowed Olga to have direct knowledge of the whole process. But the world changed, globalisation arrived, and with that, the relocation of productions and fast fashion. She recycled herself as a fashion technician and in production control. Until managing a team of 14 people making an international production of 6 million garments a year.
With maturity, her moment of reflection came. Olga realised that with the relocation of productions, knowledge had also relocated and helped her team to improve in their work made her happier (and she is also good at doing it!)

Paola Cirelli
Founder at Estudio Fashion Design Thinking, specialist in Branding and Design Thinking, Podcast Maldita Moda Club.

Graduated in Fashion Design from the University of Buenos Aires, where she studied architecture as well. Master studies in Branding at Elisava (Barcelona).
Founder of her own branding studio “Fashion Design Thinking” offering innovation, development and management for fashion collections and brands and focused on sustainable fashion, entrepreneur coaching and Green Branding.

Currently, Branding teacher and Master Coordinator at LCI Fashion School of Barcelona.
Professional mission: create emotional branding revolutionising fashion and designers. More than a decade of experience being connected with many areas of design, give her a holistic approach and deeper understanding of the challenges in this field, being able to engage changes from the company towards the market. Paola’s passions are researching, re-questioning, innovating and multidisciplinary working.

Creator of the Podcast “Maldita Moda Club” (The Damned Fashion Club) from where she leads a greener path for the fashion industry as well as other design disciplines.

Co-author of the book "Buenos Aires es tendencia". Diseño de indumentaria en la era digital Chiesa-Cirelli- Siciliani” (Buenos Aires is trend. Fashion design on this Digital Era). 

Julia Wolny, PhD
Professor at EADA Business School and Founder / Director of New Way Smart Things

Julia Wolny is a professor (EADA) and consultant in Digital Marketing and Responsible Customer Experience Design. She spent her formative years steeped in the design and fashion world in London, and brings together the commercial and creative elements of marketing.
As Director of Fashion Business Studio at London College of Fashion she had an opportunity to lead responsible projects in fashion, and continues working with high end fashion and beauty brands on designing responsible marketing practices.
She is the Founder & Director of New Way Smart Things – a thinking and doing lab providing go-to-market services for responsible innovators in creative, fashion, cultural and tech sectors.

Antonio Solé Cabanes
Textile Industrial Engineer , Master in PRL,  ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and ISO 9001 Lead Implementer

Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in the Textile speciality. Master in Occupational Risk Prevention by ESINE. Senior Technician in PRL by MFI. Main Auditor ISO 9001, by PECB.

Member of the Committee of Fashion Industries, in the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC).
Member of the Association of Textile Industry Technicians (ATIT) and of the Spanish Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AEQCT).

Consultant and Trainer, expert in Textile Technology, Sustainability and Quality Management, with extensive industrial experience in all stages of the textile value chain, as well as in training.

Author of different publications in textile technology, and quality management.

Carina Hopper
Sustainability Lecturer, ESMOD Fashion Business School, Paris, France

Carina Hopper is a Business Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Lecturer teaching at the master's and MBA level in several university programs in Paris, including ESMOD Fashion Business School. She specializes in sustainability and innovation in the fashion and luxury industries.

She is also active in the start-up community and has advised and collaborated with sustainability, tech and social start-ups in Barcelona, the United States and Paris. She is Co-Founder of LeadSustainably, a nonprofit supporting start-ups in sustainability, and has an MBA from ESSEC Business School.

Jesús Vázquez Viedma
CEO at JVV Representación y Eventos

Jesús has a degree in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid, where he continue working as Professor of the Vogue-Carlos III Communication Master for the last ten editions.

At the end of his university studies, he settled in Milan for ten years, where he worked as commercial director of brands such as Miu Miu, Trussardi or Marc Jacobs. He also lived in London where he worked for Burberry, until he returns back in Spain, to lead the Stella McCartney brand nationwide.

After this stage of more than 15 years of professional experience in the world of fashion, he decided to make the leap and create JVV, an agency that combine his experience and passion. A personal project that deals with managing the career of artists from different fields and strong personality, producing events that contribute to all parties and being a press department of brands with great international projection, always giving a special space to those “Made in Spain".

Lela Mélon, PhD
Marie Curie Fellow at Pompeu Fabra University - Barcelona

Lela Mélon is a Marie Curie Fellow in Corporate Law at the civil law department of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. She holds a PhD in corporate law from University of Aberdeen. Her work focuses specifically business sustainability in corporate and public procurement law frameworks.

Yolanda Pérez
Founder and Creative Director of Yolancris

Known in the industry as The Jewel of the bridal production, she learned everything about making and selling bridal gowns. Growing up playing with pins and dresses, Yolanda’s expertise in satisfying the needs of her clientele made the brand known in the bridal and celebrity scene.

From a small business in Sabadell, a town close to Barcelona, the brand is now present in markets such as Asia, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Latin America. For Yolancris, the craftsmanship and sustainable work is the future of fashion. Fusing this idea with a modern and pioneer image, empathizing with the client and helping it providing quality and show to the final consumer, achieving as a result clients’ trust and commitment.

Besides being worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Yolancris has been presented at Paris Fashion Week, the New York Bridal Market, American Bridal Fashion Week and the Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Susanna Rueda
Responsible for Strategy at Summa Branding

Graduated in Communication and Public Relations, Advertising and Master in Strategy and Creative Management branding, she has worked for more than 12 years as Creative Director in multinationals such as TBWA Healthcom, McCann Erickson and BBDO & Proximity, developing content and advertising campaigns for clients in different sectors.

Actually, Susanna is currently Head of Strategy at Summa Branding and brings her experience and creative vision to develop platforms that fill brands with meaning and content.

Mabel Gago
Trend Prive Magazine Fashion Editor, Editor in Chief at Salon Privé, Stylist and Creative Consultant

Mabel was raised in a world of fashion and art, her mother was one of the best dressmakers in the country. That's why she says that fashion is part of her DNA.

Her high level of involvement has led Mabel to carry out her work by building with enthusiasm and creativity, tailored suits, adapted to the needs of their clients.

Mabel is proactive, extremely creative and also she has a level of empathy that helps her identify synergies quickly and effectively.

Mabel loves fashion and all areas of design. Her vocation is a true reflection of her passion: communicate, learn every day and develop a new approach in the fashion and design industry. That's why Mabel always attends fashion weeks and cultural presentations to feed her creativity.

Mònica Rodríguez Limia
Business mentor and trainer specializing in Creators and Creatives and in Slow Business

Business Mentor for creators and creatives specialised in Slow Business, author, trainer and speaker. Mónica is author of the first business guide for makers and craftsmen and the first book of Personal Development for professionals and entrepreneurs with a vocation in Spanish for Spain and Latin America, among other professional guides.

Monica believes in “handmade” businesses and the brave creative entrepreneurs because they contribute with their work and example to change the world.

She works hand by hand with the entrepreneurs on their creative companies and projects where she advises and offers support so the entrepreneurs create an exciting and profitable business, with the quality of life they want and deserve.

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"Having an amazing product is not enough. MBA and other management programs provide the bigger-picture mentality that is crucial for the success of your business. In just 15 minutes, you will get a rapid overview of the critical areas of management, including strategy, finance, marketing, supply chain, ethics, sustainability and digital transformation". by Carina Hopper.

The production of a sustainable collection: How to make it possible? How to work with the right factory? or Should I have my own? By Olga Fuenmayor.

"A business without profitability is a very expensive hobby" by Mònica Rodríguez Limia.

"I believe that our work must generate value for new talents and established brands, beyond trends. Make customers excited and reactivate their interest in discovering and enjoying design. The sparkling curiosity that we will help to re-educate our society to take take care of our world. “ Mabel Gago


Build and sustain your fashion brand in competitive global marketplaces.