The tenth edition of our temporary event in Barcelona for Christmas to celebrate Sustainable Fashion Design from all over the world in an artful and inspiring atmosphere.

Ten unique rendezvous, ten different canvas, ten times where everybody wins, 10 dynamic experiences all around the world. Ten opportunities to rethink your choices and be more conscious about who we are, what we want, what we see and how we present ourselves to the world.

We want to frame this PAUSE forever as a goal we achieved in designing a collaborative experience in a city where creativity and soul can be seen on every corner, and go for MORE!

Framed Gang
Carrer del Rosselló, 283 BIS, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

Come and enjoy the most unique sustainable fashion brands,
-where art, culture and fashion meet.

If you are a brand or designer wishing to be part of our 10 edition, you must send an application to PAUSE FASHION HUB.
The application will be reviewed, and applicants will receive notice of their status as soon as possible.

Promote sustainable clothing and sell/shop sustainable fashion brands with professional commercial assistance.

Networking with other designers and key people in the field.

Curated fashion performances, art, exhibitions, panel discussion and social events.

Live editorials and photo-shootings.

PAUSE Fashion Hub is teaming up for this event with Fashion Design Thinking Studio, a design bureau specialised in branding, and Framed Gang, a luxury eyewear store to create an amazing experience for everyone that comes to PAUSE.

What is the PAUSE FASHION HUB? The PAUSE Fashion Hub is a temporary experience for sustainable fashion in different cities around the world. The event includes fashion shows, performances, live music, panel discussions, film screenings, live shootings and more. By applying to be a part of the P A U S E Conscious Pop Up you will join our creative community, where you have the chance to expand your reach to like-minded designers, artists, and audience.

When and where will the next PAUSE Fashion Hub be? PAUSE Fashion Hub #10 will take place in the beautiful space of Framed Gang in the heart of Barcelona. Get ready for an unforgettable experience where you will be able to grow bigger, network and to be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

How can I get involved with the Pause Fashion Hub? Are you a sustainable designer? Apply to be part of the PAUSE Fashion Hub #10, where designers showcase and sell their designs and make an impact together. You want to collaborate? You are a photographer, stylist, model, artist or another creative professional? Get in touch and send us your ideas and portfolio. You want to discover sustainable fashion in a unique and engaging way, come and experience Pause Fashion Hub #10 Barcelona.

I would like to get in touch with the Pause Fashion Hub team. Do you have more questions? Email us!

PAUSE Fashion Hub Symposium Barcelona

 Inside the Industry: "How to grow your fashion brand and expand internationally"
As part of PAUSE FASHION HUB Barcelona edition, together with Fashion Design Thinking -Studio, we bring together the key influencer changers, creatives, founders and politicians, who are doing things differently to find opportunities and challenges in the Spanish market.

As we know how competitive the Spanish market is, we will provide a comprehensive view on the internationalisation and management of fashion brands, offering academic, practical and administrative insights on how fashion brands in diverse sizes can build and sustain their businesses in competitive global marketplaces.
Speakers and all the info!

From December the 14th to the 22nd, be part of PAUSE Fashion Hub #10 Barcelona, in one of the most cultural and beautiful neighbourhoods from Barcelona. We are opening this new adventure on the 14th with PAUSE FASHION SYMPOSIUM, where we bring together experts from the government, universities, the media, designers and journalists, to discuss new ways of thinking in design and fashion.

This day will be followed by 8 days full with promoting sustainable fashion to consumers, networking with other designers, key people in the field, curated fashion performances, art exhibitions and social events, live editorials and photo-shooting, visual merchandising and professional commercial assistance. 


Apply to be a part of the pop up store and curated experience where sustainable designers from all over the world can showcase and sell their designs, make impact together, and for people to discover sustainable fashion in a unique and engaging way. 

I want to know more

Find some pictures from some of our previous events so see if this is something you want to be a part of. To see beautiful clothing, jewellery, shoes, art – you name it. But also to hear the stories that are behind these brands and artists. That's where the magic is. 


FASHION AND SUSTAINABILITY? This is what UN's Agenda is all about. By Ann Gior, PAUSE Guest Editor

FASHION AND SUSTAINABILITY? This is what UN's Agenda is all about. By Ann Gior, PAUSE Guest Editor

March is Women's History Month and our best way to celebrate is by taking action.  

Tropas makes the world a better place while crafting your shoes.

Tropas makes the world a better place while crafting your shoes.

We all want to look good. But do we want the environment to pay for it? And do we want workers to put their health at risk?Tropas makes the world...

An ode to Europe: Brandt candles

An ode to Europe: Brandt candles

We had the pleasured to have a talk with Giselle, the creative person behind Brandt Candles. So happy they are at this moment at PAUSE HOUSE Brussels with us! Giselle Habraken...

""I was in floods of tears, entirely heartbroken" Natalie Eurthlin's co-founder.

Eurthlin, the vegan handbags created for conscious consumers who don't want to give up on the luxurious looks and quality they had grown to love if they wanted to live...